MY DIY | Rope & Gem Necklace

ispydiy_ropeandgem2ispydiy_ropeandgem3Steps_gemandropenecklace After cleaning out my DIY closet and finding some supplies, I decided to kick off the new week with a DIY. I bought these silver connector/crimps forever ago knowing I wanted to make a necklace with rope, after spotting them in my closet I thought it was about time. Combined with some leftover rope (remember this rope DIY) and some gems, I have a new statement necklace! Steps after the break…

What you need:
Rope (options here and here)
Connector (similar here)
End caps
Lobster Clasp
Super Glue
Needle and Thread What to do:
First double up your rope and use the connectors to join the two pieces of rope.
Staring from the center, alternate between the connectors and the gems.
To secure the gems, place between the ropes, then sew to each pieces of rope.
Once you have added all your gems and connectors, finish the ends of your necklace by wrapping tape around both pieces of rope, and trim to length.
Adhere rope ends to the end cap with superglue, then add your jump-rings and lobster clap.