Sunday, January 18, 2015


 affirm frequently:
Got interested in THIS!

Saturday, January 17, 2015


Well here's something for me to know in the Year of the Sheep, 2015

Friday, January 16, 2015




(And free from chemicals) - 


1/2 litre of alcohol
100 gram of whole cloves
100 ml of baby oil or similar (almond, sesame, chamomile, lavender, fennel etc)
Leave cloves to marinate in alcohol four days
Stir every morning and evening
After 4 days add the oil
It's now ready to use.
How to use:
Gently rub a few drops into the skin of the arms and legs.
Observe the mosquitoes fleeing the room.
Repels fleas on pets too.


Tuesday, January 13, 2015


Saw the cards last night, 13th of January 2015... 

I was attracted by the 3rd card instantly...
But the first one is sort of fiery, 
that I would love to pick it too...
The second one is a combination of both...
and i was liking it too....
I was about to pick it actually.....
But the 3rd card has the strongest pull....
and so i picked it....
Then I saw the meaning of the cards this morning...
And I'm glad with what I have chosen, 
as it gives me positive vibrations and energies all around...

Energy Oracle Meanings

Angel of strength.
~Personal power and inner strength~.
This amazing angel brings the news that this is a time of increasing power for you. its not the time to be passive or submissive, but to speak your truth and take action on your own behalf.

You are capable of taking greater control and directing your own destiny, for the power that comes from within reaches out to the universe and beyond.
Inner strength and unlimited resourcefulness flow through you at this time, helping you to create results. Call upon this wonderful angel and on your own inner resourcefulness to bring you the focus and resolve to do whats necessary in order to make your dreams a reality.
You are not weak or ineffectual, so whichever situation calls to you, dig deep and find the strength that has always been inside you. do not fall into old habits of giving your power away- by allowing others to pull on you or be demanding.
Affirmation: Deep within me is an abiding strength that knows no bounds. I have the power I need to achieve all that I want.
repeat daily with positive intent..

Hidden Tactics, Manipulation.
This card comes as a warning that there may be some deception going on in your life. The person hiding behind the curtain is likely someone you know or deal with either personally or professionally.
The duplicity could be regarding a personal issue- like someone spreading rumors or disrespecting you to others. Or it could be a business matter where details are being hidden or even manipulated. Be aware of what is going on in your life. The man behind the curtain is holding a bag of something valuable, so watch your money- and your good name- and make sure you have all the information you need to keep things honest and secure.
A deeper layer of meaning may be that the deception is actually coming from within. Is there something that you're lying to yourself about? In this case, the bag of valuables may be holding things like self-esteem, happiness, and even leisure time. Whether it's about your life or yourself, remember that the universe has a hard time sending you honoring experiences if your energy is shrouded in self-deceit.
I am honest with myself and others, and I attract great honesty, integrity, and support from the universe.

~Blossoming abundance~ 
Increasing wealth and value.
This card signals a new increase in wealth, possibly in a dramatic and unexpected way.
Be aware that you sow the seeds of your own wealth and prosperity, much like a gardener works the ground and begins to see blooming results take hold.
This card indicates that the universe is blessing you and helping the fruits of your labor to blossom. So smell the flowers and tend to new growth. Be grateful and enjoy!
Abundant wealth blossoms all around me. I see the value in my everyday life. 

THANK YOU,  Celtic Spirit Wolf ...


Sex and Magik

Sex and magik have long gone hand in hand. This is nothing new and contrary to 'moral' attitudes, it's not something that's done just to get laid. Linking the sexual act with divine forces was an easy leap for early man. Not understanding the medical process of copulation and conceiving. Prehistoric tribes documented their divine rituals through cave paintings which depict this idea fairly well.
Image Credit - The Druidcraft Tarot
Figurines such as the 'Venus of Willendor' are perfect examples of the early reverence for fertility of a woman and her ability to give new life. This miracle of life was seen just as that, a miracle given to a woman by a deity, or the Goddess. A woman who was extremely fertile was considered to be favored by the Gods/Goddess and her position was elevated within her tribal structure. Often being designated as the priestess or chieftain of the tribe.
When early man realized it took two to create life, the pendulum slowly switched from focusing on the matriarch to the patriarch. As long as a woman could bear children, she still held great power within her tribe. When the priestess grew older and less fertile, she often chose her successor. But her singular power shifted to that of a wise woman who was always consulted when it came to decisions. The new successor would then share the power within the tribe with a deserving male. Different tribes required different tests of courage or prowess for a male of the tribe to earn the right to lay with the priestess. Most often it would involve hunting or gathering food to provide for the tribe as a whole. The hunter who brought the largest prize from a hunt would earn the right to lay with the Priestess. The physical act of copulation would then be part of a great celebration and ritual to honor the Gods/Goddess for providing for the tribe.
Where the fertility of a woman was seen as a blessing or as the Goddess living through the woman, the strength and ability of a man to provide for the tribe was seen as the God blessing him as well. This is the early concept of the Horned God seen throughout legend and myth.
Today, these rituals are used for establishing fertility and prosperity. Whither it's fertility of the family unit or the creation of prosperity, the personal nature of these rituals must be approached with great reverence, respect and honor for each other.
A Little History
From the beginnings of recorded history, we know that in Mesopotamia and Chaldea, Prostitution was a sacred profession, unlike today. Sacred Prostitution was seen as holy and practioners were providing a service of the Goddess. A man would go to the temple and with an offering, he would request service of a Priestess within. His purpose was to gain favor of the Goddess for more children back at home with his wife, or an extra bit of fertility for his fields, or herds of sheep, cattle or camels. In lying with the Priestess he might feel blessed or honored, and go home full of confidence. He might dig extra irrigation ditches for his fields, or be more encouraged to lay with his wife.
To a great extent the myths of the Greeks is to a greater or lesser extent concerned with sex. The Greek pantheons constantly sought out human partners who's conceived children that became demi-gods. These myths had both a good and bad side of their tale. On one hand, divine unions were seen as gifts from the Gods and often became ritualized. They became honored experiences even if they didn't yield a child. On the other hand some tribes such as the Samothraki, involved the sacrifice of young men at one point in their history. Some Priestess would lay with a young man and to ensure she would become pregnant, she carried a very sharp, leaf-shaped knife which she used to take the life of the man she lay with. Sacrificing his life would ensure his essence was transferred to her womb. Even the Bible has it's Divine/Human conception with Yewah placing his 'seed' in the womb of Mary, who became the Mother of Jesus as a result.
All this began to change after the fall of Rome and with the rise of Christianity. Sex began to be denied both as a source of magikal power and of pleasure between partners. Where sex was seen as a gift from the gods, it was now a sin and to find pleasure was an influence of the Devil. By this time, women were seen as the temptress who could drag a man down into the pits of hell and the only way to keep her from having that control, was for her to be subservient to her husband, brother, or even her son. Her sole value became her ability to bear children which quickly became a bargaining point as a bribe or a prize of war.
Items such as a Chastity belt became common place, but were deadly for the woman who wore them. After years of being forced in such contraptions, a woman would develop various diseases, including blood poisoning. During this time, a woman's life expectancy was no more than 30 years. Her entire value, power and favored desires were forgotten and tossed aside in these Christian societies.
Some Basic Requirements
Now there are few rituals that actually use the physical act of sex. But those that do, do so with specific purpose and intent. In addition, and as with anything, the concepts of sexual magik can be used for positive purpose and misused as a negative act. All practioners MUST understand the purposes and difference of the two. Sexual harassment, demanding sexual favors in return for something needed, even on a spiritual level is misuse. Forcing the act of sex is rape, plain and simple and in a ritual it's more than misuse, it's also spiritual rape. It is a desecration of the first Holy Grail - the womb. Any time anyone says no, for any reason or purpose, then the act stops. Period. There is no shame in saying no and no reputable Priest or Priestess will force anyone into anything.
It's also important to note that sexual magik is not for children or underage adults. All those who walk a spiritual path have a responsibility to protect the young as sacred creations of the Divine Spirit. Any act that disrespects this view is not only illegal, it is also spiritually immoral and an affront to the Divine Spirit. And that does include acts between same aged adolescence. Don't think that using a religious belief is a reason for teenage sex. It's not.
Sex Magik is meant to be a sacred act between consenting 'adult' partners. It requires a level of caring and love between partners to create and generate the desired energy that empowers the intent of the act itself.
Establishing A Ritual
It is very important to align your energies with the Divine Spirit. This is one of the most important parts of creating a working ritual. There are two steps to this process.
  1. Defining your intent. Just using sex in a ritual isn't enough to justify the act. You must have a specific reason and intent for creation magik.
  2. Raising energy is especially needed for a rites of Sexual Magik. Partners must take some extra care and time to pull in the Divine forces of the God and Goddess into their own physical being as the first step.
Great reverence is placed on the creation center of the woman. These are the ovaries and womb. Consider using crystals or symbols that empower the energy of this area.
The Tree of Life is one example. The symbol is laid on top of the human body to represent the various energy centers. The Yesod or the moon sphere (the white circle in the center of the Tree of Life), is placed on top of the ovaries of a woman and the testes of the man. Yesod is the sphere of creation and is aligned with the element of water. An element long associated with the flow of life and sexual energy. It's also associated with the root of creativity, creation and thus the essence of life itself where first principles come into being.
Some people like to use a washable marker and draw a symbol of water over the lower abdomen of their partner to represent water, or flow of life. Another idea is to place crystals around the ritual space, be it a bed or floor, aligning the crystals energy with the chakra center that will be placed beside the crystal. You can review the Crystal Chart for more information.
Candles can also be used for this purpose as well. Safely placing the candles around the ritual space, where they will not be touched or accidentally knocked over during the ritual. You can refer to the Candle Magik Basics for more information.
  1. Start with Creating your Circle.
  2. With your ritual space established, the couple enters the circle together.
  3. Standing in the center of the space, say your prayer, set your intent, raise energy and pull in the essence of the God and Goddess.
  4. If you've chosen to use a symbol in your ritual, create it and set it's foundation next.
  5. The act itself should be one of compassion, gentleness and caring.
  6. Through out the act, communication is of the utmost importance in raising your energies. Make sure both are comfortable and at ease with all that is happening. Being uncomfortable will degrade the energy of the working.
  7. Consider reciting affirmations that express your feelings and desires of the intent of the ritual as well.
  8. At the moment of climax, both partners need to focus their energies on the results of the intent of this ritual. Even something as simple as saying: "To create prosperity for our family, I release the essence of the God or Goddess creation", can set the energy you've created for manifestation.
  9. Spend some time laying with each other and visualizing your energy moving out into the ethereal and manifesting your intent. See it being created and becoming reality. Talk about it and share your vision with each other adding to it's energy.
  10. As with all rituals it should end with giving thanks. Not just to the Divine force you called into your ritual, but to each other as well.
  11. When you're ready, clean up your ritual space.
Sex Magik is not something to be exercised on a whim or without reverence. Because of the personal nature of these rituals, it is something to be approached with great intent, respect and honor for each other. Many spiritual teachers strongly suggest these rituals be held in private between partners. Use your best judgment and communicate fully with each other before engaging in these types of rituals. Make sure it's comfortable for all parties involved to ensure the best creation of energy possible.