Excellent for Rituals most especially for 
Lust, Love and Attraction Rituals 

---- for love or lust ritual naked moonlight bath, 
 dapat secluded ang area, pag ang room ay private at may crystal glass na tumatagos ang moon beam 
pwedi mag naked bath at do certain love / lust rituals po

money attraction rituals.
 Focus, put in black box, objects that symbolizes wealth, coins, jewelries, etc, at bilad sa moon light 6pm to 6am at kunin at lagay sa business establishments ang box (needs concentration and wishes po)


 for wealth attraction : coins, old coins, foreign coins, jewelries, etc. that symbolizes wealth, scrap gold o sirang alahas na ginto pwedi po,
gem stones, swarovski crystals, fake diamonds or DZ diamonds 

For love lust rituals, 
 naked style need pics at gamit from the tao na e aatract
  saka hawakan lagay sa dibdib for love mag focus at mag meditate, 

"law of attractions" sa lust ritual same procedure pero ang gamit lagay sa private parts ng katawan hinde sa dibdib 
(Projection, mind focus, attraction
 and manifestations) always be focused and clear your mind 

sa akin po d ako gumagamit ng ora po, mind power lang po sa akin, mind clarity, focus, concentrasyon po


Law of Attraction po
=our mind is powerful, what we think is what we attract and what it manifest po, if u think negative u attract negativity, if u think positive u attract wonderful things po


TIMING: 6pm, 9pm, 12 midnight
 black box po, kahit karton ng katol po o karton ng gatas basta pintahan ng black
  • ah ok poh nakabukas ba o nakasara.....sa bubong ba ilalagay tnx
  • Wong JB naka close dapat po e tape po kahit saan po basta make sure na sisikatan ng liwanag ng bwan po 6pm to 6am po
  • Jeany Sulicipan kung sakali pong umulan panu po un......hanggang sa kunin po ba xa di xa bubuksan o pagkatapos ibilad pwede na xa bksan tanx....
  • Wong JB pag umulan ok lang po make sure d matatanghay and NEVER buksan po
  • Wong JB or kung walang box, pwedi substitute plastic wares na itim po o ordinary container balutin ng itim na plastic (garbage bag)

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