Wednesday, August 19, 2015


I have heard of the magick of rainwater before...
I guess i'm intrigued by its uses...
I'll be searchin for more info and update this...., 
but for now..., i wanna share these pics which i saw from Practitioners of the Craft 
by Candice Hoyt ... 


Tuesday, August 18, 2015


Intents play one of the major roles
in doing MAGICK...
As I was surfing the net..., i have come across with this picture
which, after reading, 
gave me a blessed and inspiring mood....


I saw this from 


I saw this one from  The Pagan Way
by Barbie Peralta



I think my MUSE visited me today...,
as I find my self inclined to doing a little poetry...
It started off with this thought: 

...what's in a dress ???
...if you don't have the CONFIDENCE...,
...'d still be a MESS 

then succeeded  by the thought that the day today is
TUESDAY..., which is perfect for LUST  or SEX SPELLS...
Well, I had the urge to compose a sort  of ATTRACTION Spell, 
since the current Moon Phase is in the waxing state....
It's like a Love Spell but with that intent of finding somebody 
with passion, lust and lots of romance.... 
Here it is:

...Find me now,
...come here , quick !
...Let your heart now speak !
...Express your love
...and send my way
...and keep all blocks at bay !

A few minutes later, I have come up with another 
"Magickal Rhymes"..., for 

Attracting an Ideal Mate, Lover
or Prince Charming

 ...Someone cute, someone nice,
...Someone who's neat, so kind and wise,
...Someone who's sweet and always cares,
...Someone I dream of as my pair
...I draw you forth into my life
...Now's the hour, the time is right !
...Come to me now and find me here...
...Let's share this sweet love
...that'll last for years...

With harm to none , it is now done, 
As I will, 

Again..., after a few more minutes,
I have finished doing another one
which i thought, I would call ,


...What's in the line...,
.........what's with the rhymes?
...What's in the sound
.........that sings like chimes?
...What are your thoughts
.........and your intents?
...Is it blessing, love,
.........or curse you send?
...Weave your thoughts with utmost care
...Not with flying minds
.........and blank stare
...Utter the words with focus and power
...Release your intents,
..........manifest your desires !


Sunday, August 16, 2015



I have been searching the net for info about the proper phase of moon
to make an Amulet or Talisman....
I was supposed to include more info about it..., and at the same time.., 
 I have few items here with me which  I want to transform  into Talismans....

Anyways, I have come across one blog called

Dark Impulses

 and this was written or authored by

Magick is the ability to make a change.

If an individual wants successful magick they are required to have three things.

1) Positive Attitude
You need to know that your magick is good enough and that it will succeed.
 You need to believe in it. 
Mental attitude also effects healing a fact recognized by Western Doctors.

2) Energy
You need to know how to work with energy.
 Energy is raised and controlled by breath work and visualization work.

3) Knowledge
You need to know what to do with your energy.

There are a couple of ways to know if your magick is effective. 
 The first change is Delta T.
 Delta T is a change in the temperature.

 Delta C is a change in time. 
Time goes slower or faster then you expect it to. 




Here's something that caught my eyes as well..., from ZIA BLAKE, 

"For a spell to work it is also important that the associations are important and meaningful to you... " 

 "  ....go with what you feel from the object. " 

-"When Magic is concerned; Simple or complicated it does not matter;
 as long as you have Focus and a Belief in your Will,
Will in your Intent and Intent in your Belief." - Zia

-If you feel sick, weak, drained, shaky ect after ritual ,
 maybe you need to better ground and center yourself before the ritual
and do some sort of meditation to help you wined down afterwards?
You know since you are gathering energy and building it and releasing it,
 maybe work on making it more clear that the ritual is over and stop offering up energy.

-Start a book about any spells or lessons you have tried.
 Any poems, songs, stories or incantations that move or inspire you. Keep track of meditations, dreams,
and if you do divination readings keep track of those as well.
This will be the start of your journal are as some call it "BOS"
but later you will develop a more organized system that is just right for you.

-Write your own spells and rituals.
I find those tend to work the best because they are the most personal 
  and are created in a way that is symbolic and meaningful to the creator.

-Use the title "Dedicant" if you are dedicated to learning an initiatory or rank-based tradition
but you have not been initiated in or joined a coven yet.
 Example a Wiccan Dedicant.
This is seen as a respectful title.
It shows you are dedicated and that you are respectful of the tradition you wish to one day join.
You understand that the title is earned not taken.

-You don't need a coven initiation to become a witch. 

-There is no such thing as self initiation.
 A person cannot initiate themselves into an already established tradition or organization
 such as The Golden Dawn, BTW, OTO ect.
 For example: Wicca is an initiatory based tradition.
 Which is why some people that are interested in Wicca do a self dedication ritual
 until they can find a BTW coven that suits them and which they can then be initiated into.
However a Self dedication ritual is not necessary
unless you are part of a tradition or coven that practices self dedication.

-If you are more along the lines of an eclectic pagan; then it is up to you
whether or not you feel you need a dedication ritual.
For some it is a way you can affirm yourself and your dedication towards Learning and Spiritual Growth; but since a person just starting out doesn't really understand or have a clue of the path
 or gods (if any) they will be worshiping,
 performing such a dedication to any gods or set path in the beginning is not recommended.
 Usually any dedication to any gods or set path are done after some personal training and reflection.

-If you can't make your own tools there are lots of cheap places to look.
Thrift stores, 2nd hand shops, and yard/garage sales are great and usually inexpensive to shop at.
 Also you can usually find some pretty unique things.

-When blessing tools some traditions have set rituals for stuff like that,
but since you are not part of a tradition (possibly), you can create your own.
It can be as simple or complicated as you want.
For example you can have a ritual under a full moon (or other moon phase),
cast a circle, cleanse it with salt water (Earth and water) and incense (Air and fire)
by running the tool through both or even Smear a tiny bit of your own blood on each one ect
(just a few examples).

Or you can have a simple ritual where you just hold the object,
 push out negative or residue energies and charge it with your own. 
See the tool as a connection and extension of yourself.
 Really it is up to you.
Why don't you create your own personal ritual? 

Athame= Knife
Salt dish= saucer (tiny plate)
Water bowl= Bowl
Wand= Finger or stick
Scourge (If needed)= Belt
Pentacle= Plate with one drawn one in marker
Aspergillum= Some pine needles tied together. Or other similar object
Altar cloth= table cloth, place mat, pillow case, ect
Altar=Small table, folding tv tray or small three legged table from a fabric shop.
Chalice=Cup, or wine glass
Bell= Bell
Cingulum= Cord, yarn
Broom= Broom
Burin= Large Nail or better yet a seam ripper
Incense censor= Hold an incense stick and walk around with that but don't hold it straight up.
Then place it in a holder of some sort on the altar.
OR use cone incense and a small dip dish with sand in it.
Candles= Tea lights. (You could use a marker you can also draw on the metal part of a tea light, and mark the directional symbols if you want. Or others that are meaningful to you.). Another idea is purchasing the saint candles that come in a bunch of different colors and soak the stickers off.

Other tools or things you might want:
 Salt, water and matches (Or a lighter).
Some also use another knife for cutting and such so that they don't have to use the Athame.
This is sometimes a white handled knife called a Bolline.

 The tools that I personally think are most needed:
 "An open yet analytical and critical mind.
Confidence in ones self.
Focus on your Belief, Will and Intent.
Dedication, Determination and Patients.
A desire to learn, develop and improve.
Restraint and acceptance"- Zia



Friday, August 14, 2015


  I have always been wondering if I am an EMPATH....

1st, 2nd and 4th are true to me.....
for 3rd and 5th..., 
somehow, i still can tell which is mine or what to do....., 
although, i experienced the 3rd already...

I used to say ," I don't know how I am able to know it...", 
but now, I do...
It feels like something or someone is "coaching" me...,
or guiding me..., 
helping me to give the hints, statements, 
and make me aware of someone's gestures..., 
which let me to "read" the "real" situation....
 It may be my intuition or my Guardian Angel who's whispering me all that I need to know...
but if i don't have proofs or firm ground , 
I just keep quiet  and conceal what I know
and keep on "reading" the person---his thoughts and actions.

2) May find large groups of people overwhelming

...and that's the main reason why i hate socializing too much..., except 
when it's only needed for my job as a Makeup Artist...
I have been accustomed to being in my room since childhood...
I never get bored...
I love being alone...,
and if i need to go out.., I just spend time with my  Faery Garden...

3) Feel sad or tearful for no apparent reason
I have already experienced this....
but i think once or maybe twice in a blue moon...
It just happens sometimes...., but i know when to stop...
and shield myself from thoughts which only give me
negative vibes...

4) Find it difficult to share their personal space

Well..., INDEED ! I just don't want anyone or anybody
gate crashing in my room and touching my personal stuffs in there...
KEEP OFF ! lols !

5) Mistake other people's emotions for their own

I do not recall experiencing this....
or if i  already did, 
I think it would be in the situations when I suddenly recall
some instances or situations that is similar to 
where I would put myself in some other's shoes
and maybe act  or express my emotions, 
in accordance to what i should have during that moment when 
a particular incidents occured...



.... Simply INSPIRING...

I found this from  The Pagan Way 


Thursday, August 13, 2015


I have been feeling something lately that there is something between my forehead...
It always feel like something cold  is pressing on it, 
or it feels like "swelling".., sometimes somewhat
tingling  ....

I have a feeling that my Third Eye is becoming active though I am not really sure...
So I just worked my fingers to my laptop and search the net 
for some instant info which might help answer my thoughts regarding the matter...

There I saw this interesting article

"How to Tell if Your Third Eye is Open "

 as authored by  S. Ali Myers..., 
stating some points  about the latter... 
Here's what she said:

 Your third eye, also known as the brow chakra, 
 is the seat of the soul and the energy for your spiritual vision.  
As we continue to experience an energetic upgrade on this planet, 
many will find themselves seeking ways of growing spiritually.  
A highly functioning third eye drastically improves your ability to be more psychic 
 and spiritually aware.  
This article will serve as a guide to confirm some of the experiences you are currently having 
and what to expect if it has not happened yet.

I am the type who loves to read interesting informations, if not from book, then i do it by surfing the web via Google.... i always find myself  to be up late in the evening till the early morning, 
having this "HUNGER" for knowledge...
It's as if i never feel tired of searching and digging info....
Now to continue..., 

With the onslaught of increasing spiritual and metaphysical information,
 many people are doing practices and/or have a mindset that is already working 
on opening the third eye more.  
Most people are unaware, on a conscious level,
 that they are already doing third eye work. 

You must remember that 
thought is the first cause of all physical things
 and by simply changing your thoughts,  
you automatically improve your third eye.  
Many so-called spiritualists have enlightened thoughts.

 The range of abilities that one has is dependent upon previous incarnations 
and natural tendencies of the soul.  

Knowing this will put you at ease
 if you do not demonstrate the same psychic and spiritual abilities that the next person may have.  
The goal is to recognize your natural abilities and master them 
and then work on developing other gifts. 

The following list will give you an idea 
of different ways to tell if your third eye 
is activated or opening. 

1. Better recall of dreams 
( Well, I can recall some fragments after waking up....)

2.  more vivid dreams
(...  i can recall some fragments after waking up )

3. feeling peaceful 
( uh-huh! )
4.  urge to meditate more 
( Lately, I have been interested in doing Psionic Magick..., 
and I do plan to do work on exercises ... 
I do plan to meditate and figure out how I can relate to the latter)  

5. more health conscious 
( not so quite ) 

6. seeing ghosts/spirits 
( i used to when i was a child , but now...nah ) 

7. feeling like you’re not alone (sensing spirits)  
(... yep! at times i have that feeling )

8. more creative ideas 
(...well i am an artist...! )
9. feelings of knowing things without prior knowledge (claircognizance) 
(...this surprised me when i was watching a movie series called the "ORIGINALS"...
i can tell what will happen next..., 
like the gay vampire will fall in love with the not-so-gay werewolf leader... 
...and then I predicted that they will have kissing scenes 
--and in the next episode, 
YEP! THEY DID KISS! ....and so on

10. enjoying alone time
( I am an introvert...I always love and enjoy being alone while doingmy stuffs  ) 

11.  having deja vu often 
( comment yet!) 
12. recognizing synchronicities (meaningful coincidences) 
( INDEED!  those Angel Numbers, symbols like finding coins in the hopeless and lowest moments..., those inspiring lines and quotes  out of the blue while surfing the net, etc...)

13. feeling a connection to nature 
( check! i love seeing my Faery Garden and see how my plants are "doing".... )
14. feeling other people’s feelings and emotions (empath) 
( I just have the feeling , by intuition, like even if they do not utter a word, just by lookin at them, I  think i know what's inside their heads ...)

15. attracted to or doing magic  
(....i always do that right in the very core of my   mind.... I have been busy updating
my BOS etc.)

16. having visions or “seeing things” (clairvoyance) 
( lately..., not sure! 
17. hearing things that aren’t “there” to be heard (clairaudience) 
 ( sometimes! )

18. wanting to help people 
(...check! )
19. knowing what your purpose is 
( just recently,  i posted some thoughts in my BOS which says: 
"WHAT IS MY LIFE PURPOSE? " .....and blah blah ) 

20. feeling like your being guided 
(... i have a WONDERFUL GUARDIAN ANGEL ....I always connect to them  )
21. greater interest in psychic and energy readings 
22. more gut feelings 
( UH-HUH )
23. seeing auras
24.  recalling a past life or lives
( hmmm...... i think i have not experienced this yet.... though i am quite curious 
regarding the little birthmark i have in my right hand...,
it gives me the thought.., (--not exactly the feeling--) 
as if it were nailed on the cross or something )

What is Third Eye Activation?

To be honest, your third eye is activated at birth.  Activation simply means to begin.  What we are really doing is working with and enhancing the energy of the third eye.  There are many levels of spiritual awareness and many paths to reach a state of enlightenment.  Here are some abilities that are associated with an active third eye: clairvoyance, remote viewing, lucid dreaming, mediumship, telepathy, channeling, astral projection, psychic reading, telekinesis etc.
More information: What is Third Eye Activation?

Easy Meditation for Third Eye Activation

  1. Place yourself in a quiet and dark room that is only lit by a candle.
  2. (Optional) Play relaxing sounds in the background or play a binaural beat with headphones.  See Meditation MP3s
  3. Sit in a comfortable position in front of the candle (2-3 feet away).  Make sure your spine is straight and your feet are flat on the floor.  You may also substitute with any sitting arrangement you find comfortable (indian style, lotus position etc.).
  4. Stare loosely (glance) at the flame while consciously imagining that the heat is tingling your third eye.  Maintain the glance into the flame and really feel the heat pulsating your third eye.
For an increase effect, chant a mantra like OM during this meditation.  OM is pronounced Ohmmmmmm.  Drag out the “ohmmmmm” for as long as your exhale allows.  Breathe in through your nostrils and exhale the OM.
I recommend that you do this third eye activation meditation for 10 minutes at first and work your way up to 30 minutes or so.  You may practice daily.  For most, the change will be subtle but you will definitely notice a difference in your state of conscious awareness.


Here's another article by  S. Ali Myers called

"Best Crystals for Third Eye Chakra" 

I just had the urge to include this, thinking it's in line  with the topic...

Your third eye is responsible for intuition, visions, premonitions, dreams, spirituality, and other so-called sixth sense abilities.
  Placing crystals on your forehead while you meditate 
or, wearing them as jewelry, enhances your spiritual senses
 by opening up your third eye chakra.



Lapis Lazuli

Lapis Lazuli resonates with the upper three chakras: the throat, third eye, and crown.  Lapis Lazuli has been known to enhance dreamwork, thoughts, spiritual power and protection, serenity, and clearer communication.
Lapis Lazuli was a favorite stone in Ancient Egypt, where it was believed to guide the soul into immortality.
Location sources: Russia, Afghanistan, Chile, Italy, USA, Middle East, Chile
Planet: Venus
Zodiac Sign: Sagittarius



Moldavite works with all chakras.  Moldavite is unique because it was formed when a meteorite struck earth.  This is why it’s considered an extraterrestial stone because its origin is not of this earth.
Since moldavite has a cosmic connection, it is beneficial for accessing your Higher Self and downloading information from the Akashic Records.
Location sources: Czechoslovakia, Bavaria, Modavia
Zodiac signs: All, especially Scorpio



Amethyst is a very popular crystal for the third eye.  Amethyst promotes divine love and spiritual wisdom.  Amethyst has the ability to pierce between the dimensions making it perfect for the third eye.
Amethyst is basically a great overall spiritual crystal.  A list of benefits include: aura purification, mental clarity, calmness, dream recall, out-of-body experiences, visualization, improved memory, and emotional balance.
Location source: Worldwide
Planets: Jupiter, Neptune
Zodiac Signs: Aquarius, Pisces



Apophyllite is an excellent metaphysical stone.  Apophyllite has been known to increase spiritual abilities, especially scrying and past life visions.  It is also good for working with fairies, devas, and the plant kingdom.
Apophyllite has a high water content so its vibration is great as an energy conduit.  When you work with this stone, it will increase your spiritual IQ and enhance your third eye energy.
Location sources: India, USA, Mexico, UK, Australia, Brazil, Czech Republic, Italy
Zodiac signs: Gemini, Libra


Herkimer Diamond

Herkimer Diamond is an extremely high vibrating crystal. Herkimer Diamond is one of the strongest crystals for clearing electromagnetic pollution.  Overall, it is a greater clearer of disturbing energy.
Herkimer Diamond’s metaphysical properties are rich and powerful.  Benefits include: visions, telepathy, soul healing, dream recall, light body activation, and higher dimensional contact.
Location sources: USA, Mexico, Spain, Tanzania, India, China
Zodiac sign: Sagittarius

Other Great Crystals and Gemstones 
for the Third Eye
: Phenacite, Kyanite, Labradorite, Clear Quartz, Apatite, Celestite, Danburite, Ametrine, Azurite, Blue Tourmaline, Blue Halite, Angelite, Blue Calcite, Dumortierite, Iolite, Blue Aventurine, Blue Fluorite, Scapolite, Girasol, Blue Agate, Blue Howlite, Blue Jade, and Covellite



1. Question

How many deja vu’s in the past year?
  • 2. Question
    Do you remember your dreams?
  • 3. Question
    Do you have lucid dreams (aware you are in a dream when dreaming)?
      4. Question
      How often do you eat meat?
      • 5. Question
        Do you meditate?
        • 6. Question
          Do you drink tap water?
            7. Question
            Do you know things before they happen? (precognition)

            8. Question
            Do you use fluoride toothpaste?
              9. Question
              Are you interested in mediums, psychics, fortune tellers and mystics?
                10. Question
                Do you find meanings in coincidences (synchronicity)?
                  11. Question
                  Are you a truth seeker?

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